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PROPOSAL THAT ARE HEART MELTING on TikTok, Try NOT to Cry Wedding & Marriage Proposals

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1M views : Here are some of the best eye-watering Epic Wedding & Marriage Propsals on TikTok this week, hope you enjoy them! and comment below which one was your favorite! ❤️ I definitely had some heavy watery eyes watching these tiktoks but hey I would like to kindly ask if you could Like the Video and/or Subscribe if you enjoyed this video, as it helps out my channel and would help me make more videos like this one! ^^ But whatever you do, I truly hope you have an amazing day and Thank You sooo much for watching! ❤❤❤❤
Nathan S. : to all the singles out there...let's have a group hug!!!☹
Pride Nyameni : You just gotta love the reaction from the football player's teammates
Donna Ickes : I'm in my sixties and still patiently waiting. Never been married. Watching with tears running down my face.
Estee Lee : 15:03
Everybody's talking about how sweet the proposals are (and they are)
but meanwhile I'm laughing at the kid with the stroller

These Proposals Will Make Your Heart Burst

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We LOVE seeing love blossom, and what bigger way then a couple deciding to get married. #marriage #proposals are usually romantic but often they turn out to just be #funny #fails and sometimes cute Have u ever seen a proposal happen? or maybe you've received one... or two let us know!

These Proposals Will Make Your Heart Burst

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Maleine Perle : And then there's my parents, where my dad just went like "I guess we should get married" one time... But they've been a sassy couple for 20 years now so all is beautiful
Latesha Renee : 4:25 I give this man props for staying serious, remembering his words and completing the assignment even the her reaction seemed weird lol I know people react differently but I would've been discouraged if I was him.
Imthepappyg : 5:40 had me crying my eyes out I really thought it was gone forever
Atompunk : I just got engaged and it was the best thing ever. Up to this point, I have never been more happy in my entire life.
Shivanshu Manhas : People proposing , getting married , living happily
Myself : watching one video after the another till the phone gets dead


love is in the air as a new year blooms!!!! or is it looms? probably the second one..

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Dazcar : im so happy for the two berds, and feel a little bad for terry
fugopower : Ngl it’s crazy how berds animations have gotten so much better

Edit: I didn’t come here to say thanks for likes, you all have berd extended warranty’s, pay up.
Berd : they are in love!!!!!!! ♥
Tyler Ethier : I love how the villagers appear to vibrate Berd to death like bees do to hornets.
Ezekiel Chandra : The shit slopper burger seems like something delicious to order every once and a while.




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