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이런 블루투스 스피커 어때요? 인비오 MS-900BT CD DVD 오디오 플레이어 느낌살려 알아보자! (Bluetooth DVD Audio Player)




Thank you.
TRASHU KKO : 소리가 저음으로 넘 깔아져서 답답한 느낌있네요
holic : 관련 포스팅 링크 : https://blog.naver.com/glqgkqehdwl/221602584896

DVD-Audio: High-Resolution Digital Audio at its Best

DVD-Audio is long gone but its amazing sonic qualities still rivals with modern so-called high-res. Discover this format and how to obtain the maximum 24bits/192khz quality!


Music: Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
anton joe : How much is the highest frequency response for this blu ray audio disc or DVD audio discs? Are they cut off to 20 kHz? Are they better than analog or not ?
anton joe : Pay attention after 3.57. May be the new vinyls LP are also digitalis-ed : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S8SKbxxsjOY
Patrick Harper : Mini-DVD-Audio would have been great as a portable format. A single disc would be equivalent to 2 CDs.
Valentino Esposito : I love how he says audio
apiece ofdirt : My first DVD-AUDIO purchase was Queen’s “The Game.” I was hooked from that moment on. Unfortunately I found out about that format towards the end of its distribution period and I was somewhat limited in selection. I ended up buying DVD-AUDIO discs from artists I didn’t like just so I could experience the 5.1 surround sound. I have 55 DVD-AUDIO discs and the last ones I purchased were Snakes and Arrows, Moving Pictures and 2112 from RUSH. It’s an amazing format that has no equal. My most expensive purchase was Signals. I paid over $333 for that disc but I love it. Vinyl is making a decent comeback so maybe.........just maybe the same will happen with DVD-AUDIO. Once you hear that format there’s no going back, it’s that good.

엘지 미니오디오 LG fb162 FM튜너 DVD/CD USB AUX

1. CD플레이어
2. USB를 이용한 MP3 재생
3. DVD 플레이어 FM튜너, DVD/CD, USB, AUX 가능합니다
안dk : 잘 봤습니다. ^^
Inho Kim : 혹시 이 제품은 FM라디오 녹음 기능도 있나요?!
하동규 : 혹시 어디서 소리사 하시나요! 보러 가고 싶네요ㅎㅎ




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