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How to make a baby bottle of Similac® formula.

Preparing baby formula can sometimes be a challenge for new moms. But, as this how-to video from Similac demonstrates, formula preparation is a simple series of fast and easy steps. View this short video, and preparing formula will soon be a breeze!

Similac Commercial The Mother ‘Hood

Melissa Disney and many other real life moms star in this amazing commercial about motherhood. This video went viral in a matter of hours.
veggietalesfan65 : That tone change tho. When a childs in danger, everyone helps ^^
Amy Jorgensen : Gee I wish YouTube would stop randomly suggesting videos that make me cry
Yasmin Villanueva : Wow this has me all teared up ❤
Katie Cousineau : This commercial gets me everytime. Sob!!
Gunn Photography : That was hysterical, I loved it!!

Similac® Gain Plus (QUESTIONS) TVC 30s

Similac® Gain Plus is a scientifically formulated growing up milk for children ages 1 – 3 years old. It comes with EyeQ system (DHA, Lutein, \u0026 Natural Vitamin E) to enable more brain cell connections. Pave the way for your child’s cognitive development. Discover Faster Learning. For more information, visit
Nova : Serlahkan Seri Light Garnier Malaysia Commercial 2014
Lah Ahmad Z. : Anak pintar banyak bertanya, so similac gain plus bagi bodoh ke mcm mana?
Ku Wei Jian : Saya fikir kanak-kanak bodoh bertanya lebih banyak soalan kerana mereka tidak tahu apa-apa
3rad1C4T : aq ade kawan yang banyak tanye soalan tapi x pandai walau pun dah explain.
Farida Ansar : Similar gain IQ kis age K bacho ko dia




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