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LG G3 Love Mei Case Review

My take on the g3 version of the Love Mei case. Overall I was impressed and it was better than I expected. http://www.amazon.com/s/?_encoding=UTF8\u0026camp=1789\u0026creative=390957\u0026field-keywords=love%20mei%20case%20g3\u0026linkCode=ur2\u0026tag=hiteconnect-20\u0026url=search-alias%3Daps\u0026linkId=5F7J3U76JE3IW4UK

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Angel Lobito : Hi, I'm looking forward to buy this product,but I wanted to learn as much as I can about it... I was looking the reviews on amazon and people are talking about loosing signal because of the aluminum frame and having problem with the screen protector that it doesn't allow you to reach the screen at any point or only at the corners... I'm particularly interested in this case because of the thickness and also I have the LG G3 Stylus that comes with an integrated pen that its located exactly in the space of where the antena goes in the previous versions of the G series... but it doesn't seems like the stylus pen would be able to come out of that area since it looks in the video that the frame of the phone is further to the front of the case rather than making it accessible and it simply looks impossible for the pen to come out straight... If you or anyone that reads this can help, I'll be much grateful.
Locoism1025 : This case is great for people involved in construction work, sanitation, janitorial and even roofing.
W Design Studio LLC : I recently bought a Lovemie case. The paint began to wear off to fast for my liking. So I had the paint removed and set out to have it chrome plated. I found out that the case is not aluminium as advertised but a much cheaper less durable pot-metal. Shame on Lovemei for false advertising.
JB : I have one question, as I'm interested in buying that case: how about the power/volume buttons? Since they're covered with rubber, how much sensitivity do they lose in the process? Is it much harder to press them than without the case?
Dick Jones : Same issue with mine with the G3, touch screen would only work around the sides, in the centre you would have to press hard which is no good. Popped the glass out (in one piece) and will use a tempered glass.

LG Quick Circle Case Overview for LG G3

LG Quick Circle Case is a smart cover with a circular cutout for the LG G3 Android Phone which offers quick actions / notifications without opening the cover and I give you an hands on overview.

LG G3 Gaming Review http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lHJfu7Mjrl8
Gaurav Sharma : What a great cover and ui. It just stole my heart. Great...
Anoop Barhale : A quick question, is it worth to spend say 48k for G3 at this point? Or better to wait? Whats your view?
Bhavesh Rajput : compare the display with S5 and u will see the difference .
S5 has the best screen out there , 2k is just to fo9l
CEB29_Pote Atharva Sunil : Sir LG should give some different flip cover for big b lg g3 because the amitabh bachchan signature is not there
La LK 33 26 : Ranjit sir supposed oneplus one came to india will the price be the same as 16gb mi3 or if it did not exceed 15 k then I will wait for oneplus one. Please reply.

LG G3 QuickCircle Case demo

PhoneArena presents a video demo of the LG G3 QuickCircle Case.
For more details, check out our web site: http://www.phonearena.com/news/LG-G3-QuickCircle-Case-and-interface-a-closer-look_id56568
Kuro_Lucie #MangaPowa : I find this cover really very nice, I like a lot. #Cool :-)
Andrei Ispas : so, you get a beastly phone, then you buy the cover to use less of it... yea, seems legit
Gelsakh : Uhm... Did you know that lg made all concept, but Samsung use that concept first, so if you say lg is copying Samsung, you're really wrong
Ivan : This cover reminds me of Asus Zenfone cover.
Aero PrimeHD : I'm seeing a smartwatch coming from LG soon




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