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Sheraton Hong Kong Hotel & Towers

Located in the heart of Kowloon with Victoria Harbor frontage, Sheraton Hong Kong offers ultimate convenience to travelers with major subway station and the city's largest mega mall Star Ferry Pier right at your doorstep.
BP TV : Amazing
Julian Haro : First

21-day Quarantine in Hong Kong at Sheraton Four Points: Week 1

If you are planing on doing the 21 day quarantine in Hong Kong and you're thinking about the Sheraton Four Points in Tung Chung, then YOU ABSOLUTELY NEED TO WATCH THIS VIDEO. It is specifically addressed to you!

If you still have to do the quarantine but are planning on going to another hotel, then maybe you can take some ideas of out my daily routines in order to make your experience less dreadful.

Make sure to stay updated to my channel by clicking the SUBSCRIBE button as not to miss Week 2 and Week 3 of my long quarantine experience.

Thanks for watching and leave me any comments below answering this question WHAT OTHER THINGS could I be doing with my time?
- 80% of the music on this video was not done by myself and it is copyright free. You can check it out here:\u0026t=657s\u0026ab_channel=StreamofMelodies
- The 20% remaining it's original creation and I own all the rights.
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Melissa M : Welcome to HK!! Love the detailed review of the hotel as I am choosing which one to pick myself and such a great idea to bring the sax along. Btw Chinese people do drink milk and eat yogurt, eggs and bread hahaha maybe the hotel just isn’t serving that to quarantines at Four Points. Hope you get out soon so you can enjoy all the good food the city has to offer!
takako hiruma : love listening to you live... we're just below your room lol
SamUSA : Hong Kong - The most prosperous and successful city in all of China. Ruled by Democracy established by Great Britain.

Now destroyed by the CCP.
Hau Man Chow : can the windows be opened?

Sheraton Hong Kong Hotel & Towers - Kowloon, Hong Kong

Kowloon, Hong Kong - Luxury Hotels, Palaces, Resorts \u0026 Villas - Sheraton Hong Kong Hotel \u0026 Towers, 20 Nathan Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Phone:- (+852) 2369 1111
Fax:- (+852) 2739 8707

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