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ShoeZeum Brand New Vintage Original OG Nike Air Max From 1988

Brand New Vintage Original OG Nike Air Max From 1988
Tucker's DJ Mixtape Podcast : Now this is my shit here. I ran track so rocking track shoes always felt authentic to me. I used to lust after these joints but never owned them. Instead I had the Reebok running shoes that were out in 87-88 when I was in middle school.
Stratocaster : those 2 vents in the front have holes. I remember having a pair and sticking pencils in there. Now the new pairs are different. Also they paint the midsole. Don't think they did that back then. I had the blue, red and gray pair. I got then on the cheap after the 90s came out.
Joe Wimmer : Would love to see these retro!
Blazendary : jordan the GOAT
skips_t Nikey : Omg......What a beautiful shoe


Paolo Conte - Max

Paolo Conte\r
The Best Of\r
orko : when i was working on a gas station here in vienna,doing my night shift an old man came into to shop.he was drunk and all in tears.he gave me a cassette and asked if i could maybe search for a certain song on it.i had a stereo next to me and i said when this song came he started crying even more and he told me that max was the name of his best fiend who died shortly was such a sad moment and since than this song is special to me. have to think about that old man when i hear it.
pannekoeken2 : absolute legendary song, been listening to it for 28 years , still loving it every time i hear it.
Harold Manders : Have so many good memories with this great song. Brought me in contact with jazz.. Magnificient.
unclealand : I spend hours trying to explain to my friends how much I'm moved by the music of Paolo Conte. Nobody understands. (And I have very smart friends.)
ihateyoutube : My father always played this song when we were on vacation. I'll always remember it :]!

Fantastic Max Episode 1 Full Episode On Cartoon Network




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