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Basic concept of Low Noise Amplifier(LNA). #13

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T01 L08 P01 R0
João P. B. Figueiredo : Great introduction, thanks for the video.
Hector N.Ramirez : What's the frequency band and noise of that LNA you used in your presentation ?
Aamer Ashfaque : awesome bro..!!
abdul khaliq : Superb..
Sulaymaan Yuusuf : The coupon stopped working, what to do pls?

RF IC설계 2 LNA및Mixer설계 1 2실습

[강의개요]CMOS 기술을 기반으로 하는 1 ~ 10 GHz 대역LNA 및 Mixer설계에 대한 학습으로서, 먼저 RF회로설계에 대한 기초이론을 간단히 요약하여 소개하고, 무선송수신기 구조의 역사 및 원리를 소개하며, 송수신기 구조에서 LNA/mixer의 역할, 핵심 사양에 대한 이해, 소자의 기본 동작 원리, 핵심 성능 개선을 위한 설계 기법, 그리고 기술의 발전동향에 따른 RFIC성능의 요구변화 및 이에 따른 설계기법의 변화 등에 대하여 소개하고, Cadence Spectre를 이용한 간단한 LNA와 Mixer의 설계실습 경험을 제공함.[강의대상] 학부 4학년, 대학원 석박사[사전지식]학부 전자회로, 초고주파 이론 기본개념 * 1일차/2번강좌(실습)의 목소리가 잘 들리지 않는 점 참고해 주시길 바랍니다.
shivam gupta : Where I can find english version of this?

RF Design-9: RF LNA Design - Concept to Implementation

Welcome to the "RF Design Tutorials" video tutorial series. In the 9th video of the series, you will learn about practical RF Low Noise Amplifier design flow covering all the key steps with plenty of practical design tips discussed during the tutorial.
rjrodrig6 : Thank you for contribution to science and engineering. I truly appreciate you doing this.
Muhammad Rizqi : Hi Sir, thank you so much for these tutorial videos.
If I may, I have a question. Would you not need a T-junction component in the schematic when adding the radial stub at the time-mark 50:20? Thanks beforehand!
Sulakhejyoti Sulakhe : sir, Thank you for bringing this channel. you have given very good tips which we do not find in the text book
I have simulated LNA using BJT and tested the board . can you talk more on the different biasing circuits and how to choose them.
usuario_generico : Great video as always Anurag, thanks for helping so many people in this interesting topic.

Can you comment on (or give references to) why the shunt/series impedance improves the stability of the device?
manish kumar : Sir, Your tutorials are very encouraging for new learners...!!
One small request, for upcoming videos, if possible please provide links in the description for previous video tutorials wherever you are mentioning it in the current tutorial..




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